“That was moment my family became a gun family”

“It was before I was born and my mom decided to stop by the grocery store on her way home to pick up a few things. As she walked from the store to her car, a van pulled up, a man got out and proceeded to drag her into his van. She screamed and fought back but he was bigger and stronger. What saved her was a store clerk who came out helping another customer and saw what was happening. The man immediately dropped her, ran back to his van and drove away. That was the moment my family became a gun family.”


“I picked myself up off the ground and couldn’t find my husband.”

“We went out dancing for a friend’s birthday. The music was good, the crowd was good. We had an amazing time. About 30 minutes before closing, we called the uber and got ready to head out. I used to fight professionally and I know what it feels like to be hit, so I’m always really vigilant about being aware of my surroundings. Because of this, I always opt to wait inside for the car and when I got the phone call, we walked outside to meet the driver. Next thing I know, someone hits me on the side of head, and I’m out. I picked myself up off the ground and couldn’t find my husband. Then I saw him, face down, unconscious in the middle of the street. People were stepping over him. When I rolled him over, his cheekbone was smashed in and he was bleeding from his head. No one said they saw anything, not the crowds, not the cops. The next day, I started carrying a giant rock in my pocket. A year later, I found Parker Handbags, introduced myself to a taser and never looked back.”


“and started screaming in her face that he was going to rape her.”

“It was 5:45 in the morning and I was on my yoga mat, still waking up. The teacher came in completely disheveled. She said as she was getting into her car to head to the studio, a guy came at her out of no where and started screaming in her face that he was going to rape her. She said she always keeps pepper spray on her keys and so she held it out in front of her and started screaming at the guy to get away from her. That was apparently enough for him because he took off running. Anyway, I ordered my own pepper spray that day. Just in case.”

In the presence of danger,


Your wellbeing begins with situational awareness and carrying something you can defend yourself with keeps you prepared for those ‘just in case’ moments.

Remember, choose a safety device you’re comfortable with and keep it in a compartment that is away from your other essentials.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out Women on guard or shoot us a message.