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Wear confidence. change the world.

We strive to end gender based violence through raising awareness and providing women a competitive response to dangerous situations.

We have all experienced moments that have caught us off guard. The time we found ourselves on a dark, unfamiliar street. The time we were sure we’d seen that person following us before. The time we were fumbling for our keys while someone approached in a parking lot. While these stories strike fear, I want to evolve the narrative to also celebrate opportunities for resilience.

I started Parker Handbags in 2015 with one goal, to design a handbag that would elevate personal safety without sacrificing style, no matter what kind of safety device you carry. Today, I am proud to have created a first of its kind handbag, blending superior quality with functionality and style.

Stay safe, beauties.

Emily (Parker) Gunn - Founder of Parker Handbags