Not just a handbag.

The modern woman is bold, beautiful and busy -- every day brings a new challenge. Confidence is the most beautiful accessory you can wear and, preparedness affords the confidence to help you navigate your day in style.

We have all experienced moments that have caught us off guard. The time we found ourselves on a dark, unfamiliar street. The time we were sure we’d seen that person following us before. The time we were fumbling for our keys while someone approached in a parking lot. While these stories strike fear, we want to evolve the narrative to also celebrate opportunities for resilience.

Fear keeps us safe, alert to danger. And prepared, we can face those moments with confidence, transforming fear into action. We want women to walk with confidence, prepared both for the everyday, and the unplanned moments that life throws our way. 

Parker Handbags started in 2015 with one goal, to design a handbag that would elevate personal safety without sacrificing style. Today, we are proud to have created a first of its kind handbag, blending superior quality and functionality. 

Wear Confidence. Change the world.