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Introducing the handbag designed to keep you safe.

We believe in being prepared for everything. In addition to carrying all of your essentials, you can now have a handbag that is designed to also prioritize your safety. This handbag will keep your safety device in style and accessible at all times.


Feel ready to go - where you want, when you want.

Sometimes you just want to get to your car after work, or walk your favorite path after sunset. That's all Emily was trying to do, but it was dark and she didn’t feel safe. After some trial and error, she realized she couldn't keep her safety device properly secured in her Kate Spade. Realizing there wasn't a handbag out there that met her style AND safety requirements, she made one.

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wear confidence.

Let your keys be keys.

We’ve all been there, keys jutting out between our fingers, walking fast and hoping, just hoping, that person doesn't come towards us. Every woman should feel safe no matter where she’s going. It's time to make you your number one essential.


our Purpose

Wear confidence. Change the world.

Every time a woman stands up for her rights and takes charge of her safety, she stands up for all women.