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D-Rings: How to Use

The Clandestina follows the old adage of "hidden in plain sight". Unlike many concealment purses that hide your gun in a secret compartment in the middle of the purse, Clandestina conceals a handgun in a pocket on the outside and blends in with the style of the purse. That said, there might come a time when you want to lock your gun so that unauthorized access and potential misuse are very difficult.

Before Securing your gun, unload it and double check that it is unloaded. Do not store the ammunition in the same compartment as the gun. If possible, do not store the ammunition in the bag. 


Step 1 

Revolvers (pictured): Open the unloaded cylinder and run a cable lock through the frame.

Semi-automatic Pistols: Remove the magazine from the grip frame. Run the end of the cable lock up through the magazine well. Pull the slide backward enough to allow the cable to pass through the ejection port. Gently release the slide. 


Step 2

With the cable lock attached to the gun, run the cable lock through one of the D-rings located on either side of the concealment pocket. The gun is locked in a safe condition and is not easily removed from the bag. 


Step 3

Lock the cable lock and the gun is now ready to conceal inside the Clandestina. Once zipped shut there should be no trace of the gun inside. Have a plan to store the cable lock key away from the bag. Store it so that you are certain it cannot be lost.